The solemn dignity of a horse-drawn hearse creates an unforgettable image. Hundley Carriages, Inc., offers two types of hearses for those who wish to honor their loved ones in this distinctive way.

Our glass-enclosed, eight-post hearse was built in 1890 by the renowned Cunningham Company. It is elegantly appointed with antique drapes, solid-nickel finials and 42-inch

silver-plated lamps. Befitting the dress of the period, the coachman and footman are formally attired in black with top hats.

Our handsome, open wagonette hearse is typically requested for larger caskets or those who desire a more modest service.

Funeral homes that provide their own horse-drawn hearses may retain the use of our carriage horses and coachmen. (Prior inspection of hearse is required.) A variety of carriages are also available to transport family members in the funeral procession.

 Antique Cunningham Hearse  c.1890

Antique Cunningham Hearse  c.1

 Open Wagonette Hearse

Open Wagonette Hearse